About The Marsh Cottage

After renting in Florida for over six years, my husband and I bought a house in May 2014. It’s located on an island 30 minutes from town, so no Starbucks just around the corner anymore. The house needs updating but we fell in love with the view. Wouldn’t you? Check it out…

Views of the marsh
Views of the marsh

The house is deceiving; it looks ginormous from the outside but it’s about 2000 square feet. Most of the square footage is dedicated to the master suite, which is great for day to day but not great for entertaining. Going into buying this home we knew updating and remodeling were going to be in our future. This blog is dedicated to sharing the journey of taking our frumpy, out-dated, builder basic home and making it a charming coastal cottage.

Our Marsh Cottage
Our Marsh Cottage

My style is eclectic, but heavily influenced by French country, industrial, and global chic. I LOVE vintage elements and plan to take a home built in 2002 and give it the charm of a 100 year old home. As I looked for inspiration for my coastal cottage, I discovered there weren’t many blogs dedicated to coastal style. I hope this blog inspires you. My colors palette is not your typical beach colors, though. I like black, white and neutrals with splashes of red and blues.

Please join me as my husband and I tackle home ownership, DIY projects,  decorating, and remodeling.


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