6 Low-Cost Elements to Create a Cottage Kitchen

Faced with orange-y maple cabinets, old linoleum and royal blue countertops, I had a task ahead of me.  How was I going to create a functioning coastal cottage kitchen with little money knowing it’s not permanent? Our goal eventually is to remodel the downstairs, which includes moving the kitchen to the back of the house. My goal with the kitchen update was to make it more functional and bring in some coastal cottage interest. An issue I had with the kitchen (besides it being ugly) was there was not enough cupboard space and storage. Let me share with you six elements I used to add some charm.

  1. Open shelving. Open shelving adds charm, but in my kitchen it also addedneeded storage. I now have room for all my glasses and dishes. Yes, you have to take care to keep them dusted and organized but for an avid cook, it’s nice to have everything handy.

    Open shelves, hanging pots, colorful dishes, vintage inspired glasses and a chalkboard
    Open shelves, hanging pots, colorful dishes, vintage inspired glasses and a chalkboard
  2. Cup pulls. This style of drawer pulls add a vintage feel. I like having pulls on my drawers for the convenience as well as the aesthetic.

    Coastal cottage kitchen elements
    Crisp white paint, cup pulls, vintage inspired Mercury glass knobs, and sea grass rug
  3. White paint. Paint your cabinets white. Nothing says cottage more than a white kitchen.  I’m amazed at how much a coat of paint can refresh a kitchen.
  4. Wicker/sea grass. Natural elements such as wicker are classic cottage style. To give it more of a coastal flair I used sea grass and jute as well.
  5. Butcher block countertops. Butcher block countertops are relatively inexpensive but classic. They evoke a nostalgic charm to an otherwise boring space. We haven’t replaced ours yet, but we plan to this year.  IKEA seems to be the best place to purchase them.
  6. Vintage accessories. Vintage dishes, silver plated items, teapots, etc. give a style that seems to have evolved over time and been collected. I like a home with a story instead of a sterile cookie cutter copy of everyone else’s house.

I think my kitchen is beginning to have the coastal cottage feel I’m looking for. I wonder what elements you have added to your home to give it a cottage feel. What is your cottage decorating “go to”?

Until later,



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